Livres et films

Quelques livres sur Beethoven.Quand je vais en trouver d'autres,je vais les rajouter Sourire


Beethoven (Lives and Times) by Wendy Lynch (2000)

The Life of Beethoven (Musical Lives) by David Wyn Jones (1999)

Beethoven and the Classical Age (Masters of Music) by Andrea Bergaamini (1999)

The Beethoven Encyclopedia by Paul Nettl (1999)

Beethoven (The Great Composers Series) by Jeroen Koolbergen (1999)

Beethoven (Pocket Biographies) by Anne Pimlott Baker  (1998)

Beethoven and the Construction of Genius : Musical Politics in Vienna, 1792-1803 by Tia Denora(1996)

Beethoven - A Man of His Word : Undisclosed Evidence for His Immortal Beloved by Gail S. Altman(Preface) (1996)

Beethoven : The First Biography, 1827 by Johann Aloys Schlosser ( 1996)

The Beethoven Compendium :A Guide to Beethoven's Life and Music by Barry Cooper(Editor) (1996)

Beethoven As I Knew Him by Anton Felix Schindler (1996)

Ludwig Van Beethoven (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers) by Mike Venezia (1996)

Beethoven by William Kinderman (1995)

Thayer's Life of Beethoven by Alexander Wheelock Thayer (1995)

Beethoven Hero by Scott Burnham (1995)

Beethoven (Famous Children Series) by Ann Rachlin, et al. Paperback (July 1994)

Beethoven : The Composer As Hero (Discoveries Series) by Philippe A. Autexier (1992)

Beethoven Letters Journals and Conversations by Michael Hamburger(Editor), Ludwig Van Beethoven (1992)

Beethoven and the Creative Process by Barry Cooper (1992)

Ludwig Van Beethoven : Young Composer by Louis Sabin, Ellen Beier (Illustrator) (1992)

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Musical Pioneer by Carol Greene, Steven Dobson (Illustrator) (1990)

Beethoven Essays by Maynard Solomon (1990) Beethoven and His Nine Symphonies

Beethoven : Impressions by His Contemporaries by Oscar G. Sonneck(Editor) (1926)


Et maintenant,des films .Même principe que pour les livres,si j'en trouve d'autres,je les ajoute Sourire 


A&E Biography: Beethoven - The Sound And The Fury (1999)

 Ludwig Van Beethoven: Triumph Over Adversity (1999)

 Ludwig Van Beethoven (1998)

 The Famous Composers Series - Ludwig Van Beethoven (1996)

 Immortal Beloved (1994)

 Beethoven Lives Upstairs (1989)

 Beethoven's Nephew (1985)

 Abel Gance's Beethoven (1936)

 Klassix-13 - Beethoven


Bethoven - Ode to Joy



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